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^ A great quote from Zacky Vengeance if I do say so myself! ^

Anyway, it's official, the world is fucked up!
God's officially being selfish and is trying to make his own rock band in heaven. First the Rev on drums, then Dio on vocals, now Paul Gray on bass. (Sorry, another quote from Zacky V has to go here despite the sad feeling "You can't spell bass without ass!"). He's already got Cobain and Dimebag, he doesn't need to take anymore!

Stop it!!

Last night, me and my stepdad were arguing. Once we finished, we went through the silent period. During this period we were watching this programme on MTV. Then a band came up and the first part of the song was all rockabilly like, which shocked the hell out of me, sounded totally like Elvis. Then the song properly kicked in and they were rocking out to no end. Me and my stepdad just sat there in shock, literally going :O

It's official, Volbeat is one of my new favourite bands. Checking them out now and I've realised that Sad Man's Tongue (the one we heard last night) is not the best song they've done. I now have Still Counting on replay :D

Exams have officially started! The end of school was last Thursday (no more p.e.!!!!! (Y) :D ) First exam was today, English Lit. Never have to do English at Gateway again, only to start again once I get to college :D.

(Btw, just fell in love with another one of Volbeat's song, A Broken Man And The Dawn. Musically progressive shit going on during the writing of this entry)

Only have to do two History exams and two Science exams and the only thing I have left to go back for is prom! Haha!
So happy, but sad as well, had some class memories at the Gateway. Only going to miss one teacher though, Mr. Durkin. Which reminds me, I have a History trip on Saturday. It's THE History trip, the one everyone looks forward to. Meeting up at 9 on Saturday at the train station. Go to an official surgery theatre from back in the day, meal, cinema, London Dungeons, the works :D I can't wait.

But to be honest, there have been some memories with Mr. Durkin. Him spitting biscuits all over my Mum at parent's evening. Seeing him at Lakeside before hiding behind my Mum, just to find out next lesson that he did exactly the same thing. Declaring the Gurkin building in London as his own. Jesus balloon. His brilliant taste in music. Brilliant teacher :D

Anyway, until next time

Tazz xx


Nothing has really happened this last few days, to be honest.

Oh! I can hear Spencer Reid's voice! I love that guy! He's a complete super-nerd but I can't help but love him. And I know he's only a character on a show but I can't help but love him! I remember this one episode of Criminal Minds where they tap into a line between one of the cops and the kidnapper. They listen to the whole conversation, and about 10 minutes later, they ask Spencer what his exact words were and he literally speed talks the kidnapper's side of the conversation, only the kidnapper's side!
Now, I now it's scripted and he probably practiced that for days beforehand but it's still awesome! As a character, I love him!

Just finished watching Ashes to Ashes. I can't believe that they killed off Viv! I nearly cried. But there was one quote at the beginning that made me laugh like anything. "They reacted with the speed of a spastic tortoise." I laughed for about 5 minutes and to be honest, I'm laughing about it now. Go me!
And OMG at the sneak peek at next weeks episode. That close!! That close!!!! No joke!

I go to school with idiots! No joke! I had Kristine, yesterday, trying to convince me that the Conservatives and Tories were two separate parties... -.-
And today, I had people coming up to me telling me that the Tories had won even though I knew that they hadn't got the 326 seats that they needed. After telling the person this, they kept going on about how they have the most seats. Sitting there, talking to them like they're a child (which I knew they weren't but they were sure acting stupid as one) I tried to explain that the Tories needed that number of seats. Stubborn bastards kept going "No! It's about whose got the most votes."
-.- No
I'm getting wound up just talking about it so I'm going to move on.

Had quite a laugh on the way to school today. We were talking about going up to a person asking if they had hayfever, and if they answered "Yes" we'd bitch slap them in the face with a flower. I don't know why I was the one mostly coming up with this because I have hayfever. But oh well, it was funny.

I had the realization yesterday that one of the girls that I go to school with looks like Miss Piggy. It was only after she said, "Oh wow. Look at the state of moi!" I was standing round the corner at the time but she has one of those voices that you can't mistake. I turned the corner and realization smacked me straight in the forehead! She even sounds like her to an extent. Way too funny, seeing as I can't stand her and now have something else to take the piss out of her about.

I've started listening to Avenged Sevenfold along with the Eminem and CKY. It's brilliant! and I love it!

RIP James "Jimmy" Sullivan aka. The Reverend Tholomew Plague

<3 Zacky Vengeance

Until next time
Tazz xx


I saw Frankie Boyle live on Thursday, I cannot believe I forgot to mention it!

I haven't laughed so much since I saw Jimmy Carr live!

His support act (can't remember his name dammit!) had me in stitches. He's Canadian, but has lived in England for 10 years. Apparently, in Canada, it's against the law to have your lights off while driving, so you have to have them on during the day (Insanity!). He said that he occasionally forgets and has his lights on during the day and he gets people banging on the windows going, "YOU'RE LIGHTS ARE ON!!! HOW?!?!?! IT'S DAY!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT?!?! IT'S THE SUN!!!! IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!" At this point, I was near the point of tears.

Frankie Boyle himself (the fucking legend) was just so good, that I was too busy laughing to remember any of his jokes!
There was something about turning Steven Hawking off then on again when he nearly died last year. And something about Russell Howard's striking resemblance to Baby P. And something about Jordan only marrying a cage fighter because he's the only person stopping Harvey fucking her... XD

Oh yeah, I remembered one. "Most of you have probably heard about Jordan and Peter fighting over the custody of Harvey. Eventually one of them is going to lose and have to keep him."


There was one point where everyone went "Ooooohhhhhh" instead of laughing and he was like, "Ok, went a bit too far there. Let's go back to classical jokes. One night, I had a dream that I was eating a large marshmallow. When I woke up... I was being sexually abused."

I laughed so much at that one.

There were only two things that ruined that night. The couple next to us were about ten years older than me and all I could hear was one say "I don't get it" before the other explained it to them and then they would laugh about the joke 5 minutes before. During this time they would miss about 10 jokes. And then 5 minutes after that the one that was just explaining would say "I don't get it" and they would change roles! Quite annoying!

And lastly, our seats were right next to the door, so everytime someone went to leave the hall, we had to wait until they would leave. Complete distraction! Annoying as hell as well! Especially since, at the beginning of the performance, the overvoice thing said that once the performance had begun, no-one could enter the hall, meaning no-one should have left either for the exact reason that no-one could enter once the performance had begun.

But to be honest, I was too bust laughing to take notice most of the time.

Until next time
Tazz xx

Ahhhhhh... Social Butterfly

Someone has finally picked up on my Twitter addiction. Paige very rarely checks her Twitter but she went on there today and has seen how much I go on it. Her exact words were "You need to check into rehab - TWITTER ADDICTION - Much? :-)"

Cheers Paige.

In other news, I have been quite the social butterfly these last few days. Yesterday, I got a short notice text from Emma asking if I would like to sleep round hers. I asked and was shocked when both the 'rents said yes. So I ended up sleeping round there, watching Doctor Who (OMG she practically threw herself at him, I don't like her anymore) late at night, throwing up (I've found out I have perfect timing when it comes to meeting my dinner again) and falling asleep on her sofa.

Ended up going back round there today. Came home and everything. Ate dinner with the 'rents and me Nan and then went back round there where we ended up...

Watching the Shining!!!

I cannot believe I have never seen that film before now. My Mum reckons it's grossly over-acted but I disagree. OK, maybe the woman was really bloody annoying and I was praying for the moment where she died (it didn't happen, I nearly cried in frustration), but my Mum says that Jack Nicholson was worse with the over-acting. I thought he did it perfectly. Acting like a madman means you do shit like that! He did it right!

Right now, all I can here is the World War Two sirens. Freaks me out until I realise that Dave is playing Blazing Angels. I want to hurt him every time I realise that. Oh, there we go again...

Anyway, I'm going to post another post about Thursday because I've just realised that I completely forgot to write about it. And to be honest, it deserves a post all of it's own.

Until next time
Tazz xx

Sexual inuendo... in your endo!!

Yes, I'm actually posting only three days after my last post... No months long gap. I'm shocked myself! XD

Literally nothing much has happened to be honest since the last post. Still addicted to Twitter, CKY and Eminem. Still in love with the car (I even told it it had a spacious arse yesterday o.O).

Today, I have not stopped laughing. Honestly, I've laughed so much. English at the end of the day was the nuts though, so many sexual innuendos it was unbelievable.

We were reading and analyzing a poem about a one night stand (Miss even had problems trying to explain the feeling without admitting that she's done it) where the woman wakes up the next morning, thinks "Oh shit!" and cuts off his head. At this point, my brain went "What head?" but someone else actually said it. Miss went nuts laughing and it was hilarious. Another part of the poem and it describes how his hair is matted. Miss asked us why his hair would be matted. When no one answered, she said "What's happened to him?" and we all fell about laughing again. Once we calmed down, she asked "What has she done to him?" Someone shouted "Don't want to know!" and we fell about laughing again.

Just way too funny.

Spent all of Science texting Craig (who was only across the classroom) playing Snog, Marry, Avoid. I was playing it with Sophie yesterday in Science and it sort of carried on while she's not there. Didn't do any work today, actually I've got to do that now.

Until next time
Tazz xx
I nearly forgot about this thing... o.O Which is pretty much exactly what I said on the last post. But this time I have an excuse, I sort of put a virus on the computer and have been banned from it until today with the promise that I won't go on anything that I'm not allowed to. Happy times.

I guess I better tell you what's been going on during my lengthy absence from updating.

Well, the countdown has begun. There are less than 20 schooldays left until I start study leave. The teachers have started panicking and to be honest, so have I. At first, I was thinking 'Why are they freaking out? We've got loads of time'. Wrong! Less than a month of study leave before we have the exams. Only worked it out yesterday and officially freaked out. But now that I've sat down and thought about it, it could be much worse. To be honest, I've only got three exams. English Lit, Science and History. Here's a list of my other lessons and what's going on with them...

Maths - Got a B, dropped it earlier this year
English Lang - Got a B, am now doing English Lit
P.E. - failed so bad last year, I've only got to do practical lessons because of the curriculum
ICT - pure coursework. Yet to be done.
Citizenship - pure coursework. So nearly done.
Performing Arts - got one more piece of work to do but can't be asked.
Lastly, Drama - pure coursework. Completed yesterday :D

Was way too happy yesterday about that last one.

So basically, all I've got is English Lit (2 papers), Science (2 papers) and History (2 papers) to do.
The one I'm most worried about though is History. If I get any lower than an A, I'm going to cry like a baby and go into hiding for a few months. So I've got to revise (which, let's be honest, isn't my strong point), so I'm going to be going into school (during my study leave!) and revising with Sir. I've also got to go in during study leave for Science revision (which sucks because we have a science lesson literally every day except for Thursday and Friday Week2).

Anyway, enough about schoool!! I remember mentioning in my last post about how I'd fallen in love with Fable 2. Well, since then I sort of forgot about it and fell back in love with it. I'm now further than I was before because I blatantly rock! :D

I've also fallen back in love with CKY. During the two weeks holiday (where I did absolutely nothing), I watched Viva la Bam pretty much constantly until I could quote what was coming up. Since then I've fallen back in love with Bam Margera, the CKY crew and the Jackass crew. Just all of that. Coz I'm sad.

My Mum bought a car the other day without telling Dave. I thought it was hilarious. It's a gorgeous blue KA. I've become severely attached to it and am very happy to have found out that it's the car I'm going to learn to drive in. I've even named it. Kage. Long story and can't be bothered to tell it because I can't really remember it. Go me!
Anyway, I've become so attached to the bloody thing, I even ended up apologizing to it when I slammed the door by accident. But oh well, I love him.

Another thing I've become addicted to: Twitter. Instead of updating everything on Facebook, I put it on Twitter. Every single little funny thing that goes on, goes on Twitter. Facebook gets barely updated anymore :)

If I can think of anything else to put on here, I'll probably update again (I'm pretty sure I'll think of something)

Until then
Tazz xx
God, I haven't updated this in a while...
I have no idea why, it's not like I haven't been on the computer because I have. In fact, last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was off school because I had doctors and then the snow (After four weeks off of school also, many people were jealous haha).

I just haven't really had anything to talk about to be honest. It's just school now...
Well, some classic things have happened recently so I guess I'll just talk about them instead.

Yesterday was just plain brilliant, surprising for a Monday I guess. Me and a friend in my Drama class were reminiscing (if you can really call it that) about classic Drama pieces in our Drama class over the 3 years we've been a GCSE group. One of which we were both in last year. I was working with him (Jamie), Seamus and Thomas.

I have no idea where this idea came from, our fucked up minds at the time obviously haha
Me and Jamie were supposed to be getting married. Him and Seamus went out on his stag-do. At the club, Thomas was their stripper (bad times). He stood on the little podium thing singing "My milkshake brings all the boys to the..." I don't really like thinking about that without throwing up and laughing my face off at the same time (which most of our audience was doing at that time). While at the club, they get severly drunk. All this time, I'm indoors on my own watching TV at the other side of the stage. After leaving the club, him and Seamus got off with each other outside the door (not literally, they wouldn't hear the end of it if they really did. Took ages to convince them to do this bit as well XD) and I catch them. Highly amusing for the audience and to be honest, I have no idea how I kept a straight face. I then go into what I call All-Understanding mode and say that I'm fine with it. They then run off together into the sunset.

That's how fucked up our brains were in Year 10.

Later on, we had P.E. I hate P.E. Anything physical and my heart drops. All I'm going to say is that running is not my thing.
However, lucky enough for me, we had trampolining. Which I'm alright at, despite the fear of falling. Which doesn't make sense to me whatsoever.
Anyway, 5 of the boys from the Boys Group (No shit, Tazz) were allowed to join our group. One of them was Tony, who is quite a good friend of mine. He's a dancer and definately in touch with his feminine side (he won't mind me saying that because he's the one that's admitted it to me on many occasions). It was his first time on the trampoline and he can do more things than I can do. I had a miniture hissy fit which seemed to amuse a few people haha. Then again, I usually laugh when I see a short person having a hissy fit.
Anyway (again), at one point, he went to fake kick one of his friend's in the head and she caught his foot, holding it in the air. So he ended up spinning around, hopping on one foot, with the other in the air above his head. One of the funniest things I've seen in ages.

The snow around here isn't really snow...
It's ice.
It floats down, gets thrown about by children, trodden on and pissed on and then it turns into slosh, then freezes and takes it back out on the human beings that have thrown it about, trodden on it and pissed on it, by making them fall over.
I can safely say that nearly everyone I know has fallen over at least once. I always laugh at them because I haven't yet. I've slided, but it seems that my amzing in-built balance has kept me upright. Don't see why it can't do the same on a normal, flat, dry surface...
And another thing, this tiny prick-in-training decided it would be funny to throw a block of ice at my face yesterday. You know when you crush snow and it goes all solid? Well, he had two handfuls of the stuff. Both of then ended up in my face and oh my god, it hurt so bad. It took all my will power not to kick the shit out of him because he was about 6 years old, and I don't care what people say, he knew exactly what he was doing. Anyway, before I get pissed off at him again, let's get onto a happier topic...

Loving my new phone. It's amazing. I still get facebook (which I did on my old phone) but this one has Mibba as well. My life pretty much revolves around this phone now. If I lost it, I think I might just die of boredom. I can even check the whether on it!! Ahhhh, I love it!!!

Still haven't got over one of the greatest drummers on the planet leaving us so unexpectedly. I just can't get my head around the fact that he's not there anymore. I'm never going to see anymore random clips of him chasing after stallion ducks and wrapping about shit in a bucket. :'(
R.I.P Rev, I know for sure I'm one of many people who will never forget you.

And now, happier subject before I go all depressed again...

I have been playing Fable 2 for a while now and have officially fallen in love with an Xbox game. Shameful, I know, but I can't help it. It's just my type of game lol God, I sound like I'm talking about a guy haha
But this game is amazing and it's so much better than the first one!! Never thought I'd say that since I loved the first one with everything I had in my Xbox-hating heart (that doesn't make sense but I know what I mean), but this one is sooooo much better. You can do more stuff and make more choices, there are more things to do and you can get more stuff (including children XD)

Anyway, I'm bored now. So I'm going off the computer. I might come back on later and update if I can think of anything else to talk about haha

Until then

Tazz xx

This guy was a legend.
A legend!!!
So much so that he died ridiculously young.
Jimmy Owen Sullivan AKA. The Reverend Tholomew Plague was one of my favourite drummers of all time. He's up there with Tre Cool in coolness!
When my mate phoned me and told me he was dead, I refused to believe her, convinced it was one of those shitty rumours that goes around (even Billie Joe Armstrong was apparently dead at one point). She then told me that two completely random people on her Facebook (they didn't know each other at all) had it as their status. At this point, I ran into the living room and onto the computer (didn't even bother to sit down). Searched it up on Google News and so it was true. Still on the phone to my mate, I burst into tears.

How very unlike me.

RIP JIMMY. Another legend gone too soon

Which brings me onto my next topic of rant. I'm sooooooo glad that stupid killing spree of a year is over, you have no idea.
Who dies at 28 due to "natural causes"?!?

Good riddance 2009!!
Fuck you 2010!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, rant over. For the most part.

Got my new phone :D
Happy about that
Also, many DVDs, clothes etc. Brilliant
And money
Which I went shopping with the other day
And bought more clothes, and make-up, annd a DVD
The first series of Viva La Bam to be precise! I have been after it for ages and not for £16 Ahahaha. So I got it for £7 :D

Downloading some videos for my iPod at this precise point in time XD

I can't be bothered to write anymore to be honest, so I'll probably write looooaaaaddddssss tomorrow

Until then

Tazz xx

RIP Jimmy xxx

Corrupt Santa's Little Helper

I have to admit - my outfit was really weird today. The bottom half clashed and the top half was just a complete contradiction with the overall look of a corrupt Santa's Little Helper (hello, today's Subject name).

I didn't update yesterday because I had yet more shopping to do (it's ridiculous how much shopping you have to do once you actually HAVE to buy presents this time of year) and bumped into one of my good friends, who I haven't seen in a while. Ended up spending the whole day with her (good times) and only got one present. I don't know what it is about Lakeside, but I can never find something for anyone, so I had no idea why I went there. I should've gone Gravesend, which to be honest, me and the friend I spent all day with yesterday, planned to go to today. But, I had to go somewhere with my stepdad... Or so he said. We instead did nothing.

But, good times, staying in, seeing as he has now bought Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel for me off of eBay. Happy Tazz.
Also, at some point I'm getting Batman: Going Sane (which sounds like an awesome story line which is why I'm buying it), Joker: Dark Knight (which is one I saw in Waterstones yesterday and had to ask my friend to literally drag me away before I bought it), and lastly Batman: Mad Love (which is one of my favourite Batman stories of all time to be honest).
Can't wait!!!!

2 more days before I get my phone!! Can't wait for that either!! OMG!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! And any other noises which relate to excitement!

"If knowledge is power, then a GOD AM I!!! (pause) Was that over the top? I can never tell." - The Riddler
My favourite quote of today by far. My Mum bought me the original four Batman films (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin) in a DVD boxset. They are some of my favourite films of all time. So much so, that when we had the videos when I was younger, I completely worn them out. So much so, they are now unwatchable.
But I'm getting them on DVD which makes everything so much better!!!!!

Happy Tazz!!!

I might end up posting tomorrow. I might not.
Don't know, it might end being after Christmas. Who knows??

Until then

A very happy Tazz xx
Here is my Top Ten Songs :) of all time, not at this point in time... Because if it was at this point in time it would be a very different list.

1.) Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) - The Buzzcocks
Classic punk song and I love it. When I first heard it I just loved the energy and how different it was to all the other poppy stuff everone else my age was listening to at age 6. And I loved different. Since I can remember, I've always wanted to be different from everyone else and this song was one of the things to kickstart me off. I love it.

2.) American Idiot - Green Day
I hate those people that believe that this was Green Day's first song but I'm sad to say that this was the first Green Day song I heard and really got into. After this, I bought the rest of their albums and soon fell more in love with their earlier stuff. But if it wasn't for this song, I never would've heard any of that great music. And seeing as Green Day is one of my favourite bands of all time, I guess I owe a lot to this song. At least I'm not the type that lies and says I've been a fan sinc the beginning, eh?

3.) Feeling Good - Muse
One of my first rock songs accroding to my Mum. She said even as a tiny child (a time I cannot remember) I loved this song and would try and sing along. An impossible feat seeing as I was trying to compare to the impossibly amazing voice of Matthew Bellamy. I love Muse, they make amazing music to stare at stars at (don't ask) and are apparently amazing live. But I wouldn't know, I've never seen them (bad times). This was the first song I remember hearing by Muse and just being amazed at the guy's voice. I love literally eevery single one of their songs.

4.) She Wants To Be Me - Busted
OK, so earlier I mentioned that I wanted to be different and listen to something else instead of the poppy stuffthat everyone else listening to but what young girl didn't love Busted? I could've chosen any Busted song to go here, but this one is a personal favorite of mine and my Mum's. It's really ridiculous and funny, just generally brilliant.

5.) Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem
Time for a complete change in music. The first time I heard Eminem, I didn't really listen to what he was saying even though I could understand every word he was saying (something I don't get with many rappers). But this song got my attention and after properly listening to it, I had a new found respect for Eminem, realising he wasn't the crazy funny man I thought he was. Another, less "deep" reason I love this song is because he looks really fitt in the video but the first one is the real reason :)

6.) Welcome To Paradise - Green Day
This song is brilliant because it portrays exactly how I feel about the town I live in. When I first moved here, I hated it. But a few years later, even though it's still a shithole, it's my shithole paradise. And it's by one of my favourite bands of all time, so that just makes it even more better. Welcome To Tilbury. Welcome To Paradise.

7.) As The World Falls Down - David Bowie
Labyrinth is one of those films that my Mum made me sit down and watch because it's a classic (Grease and Dirty Dancing just to name a couple of others) and I couldn't agree more. I love how random and creative some of the things are and I remember my Aunt telling me that it was one of her friends that designed that awesome wig. This is my favourite song out of the whole film, because it's quite sweet and I love the scene of the film that this song is on.

8.) When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys
This is a classic song within the family (sounds weird I know but so's our family). My stepdad says it's practically the theme song of one of his mates (good thing or bad thing, not really sure) and every time it comes on, we end up singing it as loud as we can, lamely trying to do the accents as well. So yeah, this is a brilliant song because it's the only one I let my stepdad get away with singing and because it's catchy as a frisbee.

9.) People Are Strange - Echo & The Bunnymen
I cannot believe that Lost Boys was not one of the "Classic" films that my Mum made me sit down and watch. it was, instead, one fo the "Cult" films that Dave made me sit down and watch. I'm glad he did though because I think it's a brilliant film (Alex Winters (Y) Love). I love the beginning and this is the song playing in the background of the montage of them entering the town. One of my favourite songs on one of my favourite films.

10.) Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
Just becuase it's so bloody catchy! I loved this song when it first came out and I still love it to this day. To be honest, I don't have much respect for them as people *cough*Pete Wentz*cough*, but they don't half know how to make music that really helps when I have a Pop Rock itch. And to be honest, I love Patrick's voice, he's in my Top Ten Voices definately. This song is one of my favourites and apparently I'm good at singing it haha. I also can't help but dance to it, kinda like the title tells me to.

Extra: This isn't in my Top Ten but I have to mention it

Tom Felton's Kinda Hot - Draco and the Malfoys
Just because I agree with completely. The guy can't sing, but what he's singing about is spot on. :D haha

Until next time

Tazz xx